Monday, September 5, 2016


Hey guys! I know it's been a while I've been so caught up in school and all. I just want to let you all know that I'm doing good and no matter how hard times might be at the moment everything gets better eventually. Keep your hope and never give up. For all those girls who feel bullied, just know you're beautiful in your own way no matter what. And my bros that feel like you holding the world up and you boutta collapse, just know you got this, everything finna get better. Remember guys just spread positivity and make this world better. It's fucked up as it is. Ik I'm very laggy lately school has me caught up but I hate seeing people getting bullied or being to nervous to speak their mind. Be you please!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Day of Junior Year

     Woooooaaaaahhhhh! Okay! So today was my first day back to school as a junior....may I say that I was completely not ready for it and still am not. School is...scary...not in the sense I get picked on, bullied, or beat up. I mean that....I could've sworn I was a freshman last year. Time flies! Now I'm not excluding anyone who does deal with those struggles, as a matter of fact, if you do....please tell someone. It's not worth facing any kinda of unecessary struggles and the fact that bullying still exists these days is just outrageous.
    Throughout my 2 school years in highschool I've learned quite a bit. First things first guys...don't let yourself slip. I really goofed around sophomore year and I still have to make a lot up. I know you guys are all smart and you know when you're stuck in a class with the obnoxious troublemakers. I mean first day of school and some kid came in all kinds of fucked up, late by the way, off idk what drugs and the first thing he says to the person next to him is "Nah I'm not high as fuck" and it wasn't no whisper I can't believe he didn't get caught. Some people came to school high first day so the teachers think that that's their normal ways you know? Smart but not smart. I mean I get high and I'm not judging lol you guys know I use drugs too. I just don't think it's the best idea to be high at school because it really keeps you off focus and has your mind thinking of something completely different than what your teacher may be lecturing about. It's your choice though, some people know how to do it and stay focused.
    I noticed today that a lot of my friends have dissapeared, but surprisingly a few old friends came back into my life and I'm waiting to see if they stick around as the school year unfolds. If you're in middle school reading me your friends won't always be around...maybe a few will stay, but a lot of people change for the better and for the worse and there really is nothing we can do to stop's just life. Also, I wanna say don't be so worried about growing up. Enjoy being young and enjoy being a kid. It seems like there is nothing we can do ever all day, but trust me the closer I get to graduation the more scared I get.
    I just had to share a little bit about what I thought about and learned today on my first day as a junior and I wanted to share it. Don't be too scared of highschool, but don't think it's all shits and giggles all four year because how you do in highschool determines a good part of your future.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey guys! I'm so sorry for being inactive for a while, I've been going through a lot of things with family and friends and every other little thing life decides to throw at you. I really want to talk about a few different things tonight and just rant a little about a few random subjects. Before I start getting too deep about my ranting I want to thank the few people who commented on my last post about positivity because it feels good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks how I do. Speaking of that, obviously I knew that I wasnt the only one who has my mindset. We all know we fall into groups of people who we are alike with, but those groups divide into smaller groups and they keep dividing untill each and everyone of us falls into our own individual category. That's because all in all even though you fall into a specific group you're still you and that's why you're unique because there is not ONE person who is the exact you(cheesy bro lol I know). For all those people who feel like we should spread positive vibes I agree with you and I'm sure we all understand why we hate negativity. Well, even though we're as positive as we can be as much as possible, let me say, do NOT be ashamed of snapping on people and striking back with negativity. Try not to, but don't be ashamed if you do. Everyone has a breaking point and while some of ours are further than others. We all have the right to snap under pressure and there is absolutely know reason to be ashamed I promise. Thus meaning, always, to better yourself and the world that surrounds you, try to be the bigger person in any given situation. If someone is trying to put you down and hurt you don't feel like a bad person if you return the favor and make them shutup. Try to not snap, but again, don't be shamed if you do. I know that we all understand that negativity is everywhere and unfortunately more payed attention to than positivity. It sucks. Think about positive and negative like yin and yang, you know? That little symbol represents that in every good there is a little bad and in every bad there is a little good. Ever wonder why best friends sometimes turn out to seem like completely different people, but are actually similar in many ways. Yin yang man. Speaking of bestfriends...we all have that one bestfriend man you swear shit will never change, well what happened to your bestfriend before that I'm sure you felt the same. I'm not over here saying crap like "it's bound to end". Not saying that at all and as a matter of fact I hope you and your bestfriend can stay bestfriends forever. I hope nothing but good for everyone...even for people who do me dirty. Never wish bad upon people. Back to my point I want to ready for change and accept it when it somes. No matter how hard change smacks you in the face, stay up, accept it, and always be prepared for more change. Everything changes and is continuously changing. A lot of people don't accept change when it comes and they live in the past....that can be dangerous and can mess you up mentally sometimes. Just accept change. It will be one of the best things you ever do. One last thing before I go, I don't want to make this too long, but not too short either. Drugs. Yes I use drugs which you should know if you read my first post that tells you a little bit about me. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you drugs are bad for you don't do them, because, well, I do them so who am I to tell you no...right? Just be careful. Watch out for your friends if they do drugs too. Once someone gets addicted to drugs it's no longer nothing, it becomes an issue that soon evolves into something that can be very horrible. Addiction to drugs is extremely dangerous and if you do do drugs make sure you know your limits and make sure you can stop yourself or your friends from addiction before it happens. Please don't forget to spread positive vibes...let's make this world a little bit better together guys! I'm sorry again for lagging it...I'll try to be a little more active and maybe I'll rant a little more as well..please give your opinions in the comment. Bye guys, have a wonderful night/day whatever it is for you :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peace & Positivity

Wow, man, why is our world so negative? People are always saying or doing negative things and I think it's just completely unnecessary. Like what good does it do to put people down?? I don't understand how that can make you happy. I mean with my friends we all talk shit and make jokes among each other that's us playing.....not bullying. I know people may have hardships they face at home, but why do you want to go to school and put other people down? If you're reading this, please don't let that crap happen man. If you read this do a favor for me and this twisted ass world, spread positivity. If you've ever done something positive for someone then you know it feels good. This world is filled with so many negative people and negative vibes. There are so few of us that actually enjoying spreading positivity and making someone smile or brightening their day. I wish this world could have so much more peace and positivity around. When I go on Instagram or YouTube I see the comments that are so unnecessarily negative and rude for no reason just to try to put the person down and I really don't understand why. I know when we hear rumors or even facts about people that we don't agree with we form our own opinions about that person/place/thing, but really why would you want to try to ruin someones mood just cause you think something about them. Negativity is seriously around way more often than positivity and I want to change that with the help of all of you. A little bit of kindness goes a long way and if every single one of you who read this does any kind of act out of kindness for any random person at least once a day we can change this world and make it a little less evil.

Monday, August 1, 2016

First Post

Hey, my name is Drew and I'm 16 years old. I'm new to blogging and this first post is really just a tad bit about me so that you can form an idea of who I am. I'm a positive person and I really can't stand negativity. I always try to see the positivity in situations. I also want to say that I like to smoke pot, I like drugs, hallucinogens at least. I like getting high and taking a trip in my mind. A lot of people believe that if you smoke pot you're immediately some scum bag idiot, no, you're not. If you smoke pot that's ok, hopefully you don't do it for popularity, I do it to get a different perspective on life. I really am a friendly person and I'm willing to talk to anyone about anything whenever I can. I want every one of my readers to relate to the things I post or learn something from the things I post. I want to share my life experiences and knowledge with you. I might use this blog to vent and I hope that when I do, you read it and can relate to it and not feel alone or learn something about a certain subject. Finally, if you took the time to read this and decided you would try to see the potential in my blog, thank you I appreciate it so much.