Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Day of Junior Year

     Woooooaaaaahhhhh! Okay! So today was my first day back to school as a junior....may I say that I was completely not ready for it and still am not. School is...scary...not in the sense I get picked on, bullied, or beat up. I mean that....I could've sworn I was a freshman last year. Time flies! Now I'm not excluding anyone who does deal with those struggles, as a matter of fact, if you do....please tell someone. It's not worth facing any kinda of unecessary struggles and the fact that bullying still exists these days is just outrageous.
    Throughout my 2 school years in highschool I've learned quite a bit. First things first guys...don't let yourself slip. I really goofed around sophomore year and I still have to make a lot up. I know you guys are all smart and you know when you're stuck in a class with the obnoxious troublemakers. I mean first day of school and some kid came in all kinds of fucked up, late by the way, off idk what drugs and the first thing he says to the person next to him is "Nah I'm not high as fuck" and it wasn't no whisper I can't believe he didn't get caught. Some people came to school high first day so the teachers think that that's their normal ways you know? Smart but not smart. I mean I get high and I'm not judging lol you guys know I use drugs too. I just don't think it's the best idea to be high at school because it really keeps you off focus and has your mind thinking of something completely different than what your teacher may be lecturing about. It's your choice though, some people know how to do it and stay focused.
    I noticed today that a lot of my friends have dissapeared, but surprisingly a few old friends came back into my life and I'm waiting to see if they stick around as the school year unfolds. If you're in middle school reading me your friends won't always be around...maybe a few will stay, but a lot of people change for the better and for the worse and there really is nothing we can do to stop's just life. Also, I wanna say don't be so worried about growing up. Enjoy being young and enjoy being a kid. It seems like there is nothing we can do ever all day, but trust me the closer I get to graduation the more scared I get.
    I just had to share a little bit about what I thought about and learned today on my first day as a junior and I wanted to share it. Don't be too scared of highschool, but don't think it's all shits and giggles all four year because how you do in highschool determines a good part of your future.


  1. So true buddy, when you are in that kind of situations, you need to separate habits or problems from class, chores, and homeworks. Because at the end, it'll keep you stressed af, and even more if you don't manage your time.

    One does really need to enjoy the present as it evolves, let the past go and work hard for a good future.

    I think I'm a bit off topic, dunno.
    But let me tell you that your posts are interesting, and I'd like to keep reading them. Cheers dude, keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been slow on my posts recently, but I'll try to keep my posts weekly at the least.