Monday, August 1, 2016

First Post

Hey, my name is Drew and I'm 16 years old. I'm new to blogging and this first post is really just a tad bit about me so that you can form an idea of who I am. I'm a positive person and I really can't stand negativity. I always try to see the positivity in situations. I also want to say that I like to smoke pot, I like drugs, hallucinogens at least. I like getting high and taking a trip in my mind. A lot of people believe that if you smoke pot you're immediately some scum bag idiot, no, you're not. If you smoke pot that's ok, hopefully you don't do it for popularity, I do it to get a different perspective on life. I really am a friendly person and I'm willing to talk to anyone about anything whenever I can. I want every one of my readers to relate to the things I post or learn something from the things I post. I want to share my life experiences and knowledge with you. I might use this blog to vent and I hope that when I do, you read it and can relate to it and not feel alone or learn something about a certain subject. Finally, if you took the time to read this and decided you would try to see the potential in my blog, thank you I appreciate it so much.

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